Body Treatments

Dedicate yourself some time at least once a month for your body, your wellbeing and your happiness. Wrap yourself in a luxurious white robe, leave the pressures of the day and begin a journey of relaxation.

After a thorough consultation, a personalised treatment will be specifically suited to your needs physically, mentally and emotionally.

Back massage

Back neck and shoulders.

30 mins

Full body massage

Using the finest essential oils, for your individual state of mind.

60 mins
90 mins

Scrub and hydrate

Full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, followed by a refreshing shower and then an application of chosen aromatherapy oil. This treatment is perfect as a stand alone treatment or also in preparation for a full body massage. Great for pre-holiday skin to prepare skin for the sun or for post holiday to hydrate the skin after the sun.

60 mins

Spray Tan

Award winning Sienna X spray Tan gives a natural, luxurious and flawless tan.


Collagen Lift for the body

Collagen Lift stimulates collagen production and tightens elastin fibres, helping the skin to spring back and restoring tautness, contour and tone. It also helps fatty deposits to drain away, leaving behind smoother skin and a slimmer appearance.

Areas to be treated: Arms, Bottom, Thighs and Tummy 

Body area 45 mins for £78
recommended course of 6 £450