Manicures and Pedicures

Luxury Manicure
Luxury Pedicure
Gel polish +£11
Gel Polish +£11

Shellac nails

The beauty world is raving about the new Shellac craze. If your are bored with redoing your nails every few days because your polish has chipped, peeled or worn off then Shellac is for you. Shellac nails last up to two weeks without losing shine or shimmer, they are hard wearing and do not scratch or smudge.

Shellac Manicure
Shellac Pedicure
Shellac Swarovski Crystal Pedicure
Glitter +£11
Glitter +£11

Minx Nails

Transforming fashion to your finger tips!

Minx have become the latest must have fashion accessory for the celebs being worn by names such as Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Beyonce to name a few. minx applications include nail shaping, and cuticle work.

Minx Fingers
Minx Toes

Callus Peel

Don't just dream about pretty feet, calluses can be removed from your feet in just 15 minutes.

Standalone Treatment
Included with Pedicure