Change Of Weather Change Skincare?

4th December 2023

After summer we have had a warm albeit wet autumn. As we anticipate the colder weather and are perhaps locating our warmer clothes or our favourite bobble hat maybe? Question ? Is this the time to change our skincare too? Looking after your skin is important at all times of the year and your current skincare regime and products may need to be reviewed and amended to ensure our skin looks at its best and prevent signs of aging as the seasons change.

In the summer we are all very focused on the sun damage and protect our skin with a product with SPF in it. Sun damage can occur all year around and one thing that does not change with the seasons is the need to wear an SPF to protect our skin throughout the year .

 Time to change more than your hat ? What about your skincare too?

The beginning of winter is a good time to look at our skin and establish any problem areas. A deep clean with steam and or a   good exfoliation is a great way to start this process be it at home or in the salon. Next is to check for any problem areas or signs of dehydration and to treat appropriately. It’s a great excuse for a nourishing facial!

Victoria at The Foundation Beauty Studio says: “Everyone is different and therefore their skin reacts differently to the changing weather and environment. We offer a range of skincare treatments and facials to suit all skin types. We also offer a tailor made or a bespoke facial to review and address your face and skincare needs for anytime of the year.” Click here for our range of facials or contact us to talk about a bespoke facial or your skincare needs.

Lastly its protection, central heating, cold winds etc, all of these can have adverse effects on your skin. make sure you need. It may be that for the autumn and winter, your moisturiser you use may need to be heavier than the lighter one you use in the summer. The foundation Beauty Studio offers a range of skincare products to suit the different times of year and skin types and requirements and would be happy to discuss your skincare requirements with you.