Shoes Dress Hair Skincare ! Are You Party Ready ?

15th December 2023

The best way to look your best for the Christmas party season is not just the right outfit but also great-looking skin, hair etc. to complete the look. With the colder weather upon us, there are new factors affecting our skin. We may be out in the cold weather and it’s important that perhaps before braving the elements, we make sure our skin is properly protected with moisturizers and SPF etc.

Ahead of the big day, you may take your favourite outfit to the dry cleaners to make sure it is party ready, and your face and skin are no different. A good cleanse and skincare treatment is a great thing do, however, we would not recommend a deep cleanse a day or so before any party or event as this may bring out impurities and blemishes.

Party Ready At The Foundation Beauty Studio...

Here at the foundation beauty studio we believe it’s best to start the any deep clean about a week before, so the skin has time to recover, and the benefits of any skincare treatment can develop or take place. You can then top up the treatments until the time of your party.

A salon or home facial or skincare treatment is a great way to prepare your skin to be “party ready” if you cannot make a salon appointment why not treat yourself to a mask, exfoliator, or other treatment you can use at home for part of your skincare treatment. We are happy to talk through what skincare products and treatments are available. 

Lastly, what about post party? A great way to recover or reward the host is a restorative and relaxing skincare treatment. A Foundation Beauty Studio gift voucher is always a great way to say thanks and always appreciated. Or maybe it’s you that is the host and therefore deserve to be pampered!!

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