Does A Face Lift That Is Strictly Non Surgical Work ?

1st November 2023

Shirley Ballas has recently returned to our screens in Strictly Come Dancing. Looking as glamorous as ever, Shirley has credited her improved appearance to a non surgical face lift , a non invasive procedure that she believes has improved the appearance of her skin. So what is a "Strictly" non surgical face lift and do they work?

A non-surgical facelift is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure or treatment to improve the appearance of your skin. It can be a single procedure or a combination of procedures and treatments that have been developed to reduce the signs of aging on the face by improving the appearance of the facial skin and the facial muscles.


Why Choose A Non Surgical Face Lift?

The advantages of a non-surgical facial are that the results tend to be less severe and more natural looking. The non-invasive nature of the treatments means there are fewer risks and less downtime. At The Foundation Beauty Studio, Victoria favours this more natural approach using treatments and procedures that naturally stimulate the collagen growth in the skin to reduce wrinkle and frown lines and adding volume and firmness to the skin .

For treatments such as CACI Signature Non-surgical face lift or Collagen Lift,  there is usually an initial more intensive course of treatments and then a maintenance program,  where you are supporting and maintaining the effects of the treatment. 

Each person is different! A bespoke facial by Victoria will provide a great review of your facial skin and will help identify what routines products and treatments best suit your skin. For details of the facial treatments we offer including non surgical facelift treatment click here or to book or make an enquiry click here