Is Double Cleansing The Best Skincare Regime For My Skin?

2nd April 2024

Is Double Cleansing The Best Skincare Regime For My Skin?

The new presenter of this morning Cat Deeley has revealed the beauty tip she swears by “Why cleanse once when you can cleanse twice? “ Cat, however, appears not to be the only high-profile fan of double cleansing. Victoria Beckham has just released a new two step cleaning routine called “The Daily Cleansing Protocol ”. So what is double cleansing and do we need to carry out this skincare routine or will a quick splash or a face wipe do?

After a long day, many of us may think that a quick face wash or removing our makeup is sufficient in looking after our skin. Others, however, argue that a double cleanse is required for an optimum skincare regime, but which is right?  For those of us that wear makeup, then a double cleanse in the evening is deemed to be best practice. The first cleanse should break down makeup, dirt, and oils from your skin, the second cleanse looks to cleanse the pores of the skin from impurities etc.

So, if you do not wear makeup, it is still good to double cleanse? On the basis that most of us will wear some form of SPF or sunscreen throughout the year it is still good to remove this at the end of the day to stop blocked pores. We also pick up different particles on our skin depending on our environment. In the morning however, for most of us, a single cleanse should be sufficient to remove any sweat, product etc. 

So, what cleansers should you use. There is an argument against double cleansing as it could strip the oils and damage your skin. The key therefore is the products you use, always use products that are right for your skin type. A good practice is also to check the packaging, once opened a product will have a limited life of when it is effective or good for your skin.  Once your skin is cleansed at night then this is usually the best time to apply any heavier moisturisers, so that they have time to be absorbed. A heavier moisturiser in the morning may not sit well under make up, sunscreen etc. 

Facials and skincare treatments are great ways of bolstering or topping up our daily skincare regime but daily cleansing is essential whether you are a fan of the single or double cleanse.

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