Skin Barrier Damage Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!

16th April 2024

Skin barrier damage is a common problem

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin and works as a barrier or shield to protect your skin. It protects your skin in two ways, firstly to protect you from environmental factors such as pollution, sun damage, irritants etc. and secondly to keep important elements safe, to keep moisture from escaping and collagen from breaking down. Without both of these important components our skin can lose plumpness, become drier and more lined.

Our skin barrier is not invincible and can be destroyed or damaged in various ways. Common causes are sun damage, pollution, allergens, extreme weather conditions and smoking. Sometimes we can damage the skin barrier with the best of intentions, by using skincare products or treatments that may be too harsh or irritate our skin. A classic sign of a damaged skin barrier is an inability to hold on to moisture. One way this may manifest itself is patches of dry flaky skin.  The breakdown of the skin barrier also causes impairment of the skin microbiome. Why is this important? The skin’s microbiome heals wounds and controls inflammation. The signals from your skin microbiome can activate or de-activate your immune system which helps you heal and controls harmful inflammation of the skin. 

If you notice your skin is becoming damaged, then it is recommended not to continue with or increase the use of your current skincare products. It could be the products that are the problem, and you may need a permanent or temporary change in your skincare regime or products. There is now a huge range of skincare products and gadgets available, and these used inappropriately could cause or increase damage. Whilst there are some easy solutions to prevent some of the causes of skin barrier damage, there are also factors beyond your control such as illness, genetics, and also our age when our skin loses ceramides collagen etc.

Victoria Davies owner of the foundation Beauty Studio offers a range of different beauty products and skincare treatments. She is a CIDESCO qualified beauty therapist with 20 years of experience.  Her training has included learning about the anatomy of the skin and also identifying problems and solutions for skin problems such as Skin barrier damage. Before any skincare product or treatment is introduced to the salon it is researched and tested to see if this will work for her clients. Skin barrier damage is just one of the skincare problems she can assist with. There is no one fix for all as everyone’s skin is different and the cause of the problem may differ too.   In the first instance, a review of the skin and consultation will take place to identify the best way to assist your skin with the gentle healing process. A course of gentle bespoke healing facials can be performed by Victoria at the Foundation Beauty Studio to repair and restore.

If you would like assistance with your skincare, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with us here at The Foundation Beauty Studio.